Have you received a lender’s “Notice of Default” and owe more on your home than it’s worth?
There is a better solution than letting it go to foreclosure, going through a potential eviction, and having your
credit significantly damaged for many years....
A Short Sale.

Short Sales are very common in the market place today. Millions of homes will be sold through short sales
this year alone. Initiating a Short Sale will typically postpone the foreclosure date and then closing a Short
Sale will cancel the foreclosure all together.
It is the wisest choice for many home owners today.

                                              What To Expect

>        No Cost to You: All of the costs are paid by the lender, the buyer, or by us!
>        Better Credit Report: Short Sales have a lot less impact on your credit than a foreclosure!
>        You Walk Away Clear: Owe nothing to your lender when completed!
>        Easy To Do: We limit home showings & find a buyer quickly for minimal disturbances to you!
>        Stress Free: We handle everything and keep you informed!
>        Help With Moving Expenses: You get a $2,000 - $25,000 Visa Gift Card from us!

Win-Win Situation Your lender doesn't want to foreclose on your home...they just want to be repaid as much
of the debt owed to them as possible, and a short sale offers your lender the most repayment possible while  
protecting your credit and protecting you from future legal action and deficiency judgments.

Short Sale Process The process can be labor and paperwork intensive which is why you need an
experienced company who understands the process and can guide you through it with as little stress as
possible. The typical short process takes a number of months (3-12) to complete, because of a few weeks
typically passing in between each of the following steps:

Step 1) Get seller signed listing agreement.
Step 2) Find buyer for home while also preparing Seller's Short Sale Package for lender submission.
Step 3) Submit Short Sale Package, Buyer's Accepted Offer, Est. Hud-1, and other                    
  documentation required by the lender(s) for short sale approvals.
Step 4) Contact lender's negotiator for approval status or additional required documentation.
Step 5) Negotiate cost with lender & receive lender approval for short sale
Step 6) Re-establish with Buyer and Seller the contingency removal, inspection, and closing dates.
Step 7) Process home sale between seller and buyer with all required inspections, disclosures, and other
  home sale requirements.
Step 8) Close Escrow on Home Sale / Short Sale transaction. Provide seller with Visa Gift Card.

The Long and Short Of It Because the process is so common today, lenders have an organized system to
process and approve the vast number of short sales currently in process as well as the ones they know are
coming. In most cases a short sale is a simple process that takes a number of months to complete due to
the lender backlog of short sale applicants. It's become so common that it will soon be like the equivalent of
having a speeding ticket on your credit report.

Are There Any Risks?  No, there are no risks in applying for a short sale. Your lender may not approve the
short sale, or they may offer terms that you don't agree to, but there isn't any harm in applying and in the vast
majority of cases lenders approve terms that are exactly what you want. No costs and no future obligations....
You walk away free and clear!

Time Delays: The short sale application will usually delay the foreclosure process while the short sale is in
the works, especially if you have more than one lender and they need to agree on the exact terms. In other
instances a lender may request a higher sales price and your home would then need to go back on the
market which for many sellers is extra bonus time that they can stay in the home at no cost to them.

Why Use Prestige Properties Convincing your lender to accept less than full loan repayment requires
supporting documentation regarding your financial circumstances, property valuation and net estimate of
your lender’s proceeds. We have 5 years and over 100 million dollars of experience in successfully dealing
with lenders and loans in different stages of distress all over San Diego County and know how to get your
short sale approved at favorable terms to you.

Contact us now to talk to friendly, knowledgeable experts with the best short sale program in San Diego.

Free Visa Gift Card for "Moving Expenses"

As a "Thank You" gift and to help you move on in life we offer every short sale client a Visa gift card at
closing. The dollar value of the Visa gift card is based upon the commission % your lender agrees to pay us
to list and sell your house.  

If the final commission amount to us is 2.5% or lower, the Visa Card given to you will be $500 for every
$100k of your homes net sale amount.

•        $400,000 net sale = $2,000.00 Visa card
•        $1,000,000.00 net sale = $5,000.00 Visa card

If the commission is 3%, then the Visa Card given to you will be $750 for every $100k of your homes net sale

•        $400,000 net sale = $3,000.00 Visa card
•        $1,000,000.00 net sale = $7,500.00 Visa card

The amount may be reduced if the commission paid to broker is less than 2.5%. Visa gift cards
will be delivered to the short sale seller within 1 business day after Prestige Properties & Finance receives
actual payment of the commissions from the lender (via escrow). Visa gift cards are not restricted for any
specific use or vendors and can be used for anywhere Visa is accepted. Seller can also choose to receive
their moving expenses by cash or check instead of on a Visa gift card if more convenient.
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