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San Diego Home Buying 101
The vast majority of all homes and properties bought and sold in San Diego
are done so through real estate brokers or brokerages. All brokerages use
uniform procedures and forms from the California Association of Realtors®
and one primary service "The MLS" for all listing information. The MLS
contains all listings for San Diego, including foreclosures, short sales, and
even most for sale by owner properties.

The difference comes down to experience and the quality of an agent's
service, advice, and follow through.

At Prestige Properties & Finance our goal is to make clients for life. We have
over a billion dollars of San Diego real estate experience. Our first priority
when dealing with any new client is to understand the clients goal. This is
important to use to ensure we don't waste any of your or any of our time
running down the wrong paths. We achieve this by asking as many questions
as required until we have a full understanding of your goal. We then provide
the best possible path to achieving that goal. In many cases this can be
accomplished in a few email's or one phone call.

We understand that In most cases clients (home buyers) need real estate and
finance information before they are completely confident with the specifics of
their goal. We take the time upfront to help each client comprehend all the
variables that they will encounter when buying a home. This ensures that both
the client and the agent's time and resources are being used wisely.

The first goal on the path to purchasing a home is to solidify your financing
options. We do this by thoroughly investigating any financing you may already
have, might be working on, or by leading you through a lender pre-approval if
your just starting out.

Once your financing is figured out and we know how much you qualify for and
your able to understand how much you want to spend we begin searching for
homes. The benefit of this is that you get a good feel for the type of home you
want, the area you want to live in, and the other criteria that you want the home
to have.

Up until this point everything has largely been handled by phone, email, and
through the internet, and without leaving the comfort of your home. (Because of
email and high speed internet, most of the initial work in buying a home is
done in front of a computer and/or over the phone. Typically only home
showings, inspections, and escrow signing's are completed outside the office
and in person.)

Once we have narrowed down your parameters to just a few homes out of the
over 20,000 current listings we start touring homes. At this point we will
physically visit the homes, look them over, discuss the pro's and con's of each
and hopefully find one that you want to purchase. If we don't find the home of
your looking for, we chalk it up as a learning experience and re-focus on the
search criteria, making any adjustments based on our recent home tours. If no
additional homes exist at that time that meet your parameters and liking, we
watch for new listings, waiting for additional possibilities to quickly view.

Once you find the right home and want to make an offer we immediately dive
into the comparable sales data with you, prepare all the offer forms, talk with
the sellers agent, and complete, & submit your offer as quickly as possible.

We then stay on stand by for all opportunities to lobby the sellers agent to get
your offer accepted over the possible other offers they may have. And to
provide any additional information they may want about you the buyer, or the
offer it self. Being fast and thorough can sometimes be the simple key to

Once we get an accepted offer we lead you through the escrow from start to
finish, scheduling all required and optional inspections, coordinating all other
required paperwork and disclosures, and most importantly keeping very close
tabs on your financing to make sure there are no surprises.

Throughout the escrow period we are always on stand by to answer any
questions you may have. We will review your inspections and the disclosures
provided by the seller and advise you of any concerns. We'll also stay on top of
the many pieces of the puzzle being pulled together for the closing of your
home purchase, and keep you up to date with the close of escrow schedule.

Once escrow closes we will secure and hand over the keys, remotes,
warranties, and other items to you and assist you with any information you
need for a comfortable move-in.

How to Start:

In order to start this process, and for an agent to commit their time and
resources to helping find you the right home, you'll need to complete a buyer
broker agreement. Contact us using the form below and the appropriate agent
will contact you so we can answer any questions you may have and get started.

Once you the agreement is complete we will have the appropriate Prestige
Properties & Finance agent contact you. You may also choose to work with
any available agent or broker at Prestige Properties & Finance, and can
switch to another agent or broker within Prestige Properties & Finance at any

Prestige Properties & Finance utilizes the California Association of
Realtors®, or CAR form "BRE", also called the:

This agreement has benefits for both the Home Buyer and the Broker. The
most significant benefits for both are directly related.

By entering into an exclusive relationship agreement with a particular broker
you are committing to them that if your successful, the Broker and/or Agent will
also be successful an be compensated. This allows the agent to focus their
time and resources on finding you the right home. Knowing they will get
compensated for success because you have already formally agreed to their

Without this agreement an agent is limited by time and cost to mainly sending
email's and doing MLS searches for you, and typically only when and if their
clients under an agreement have their needs already taken care of. Agents
want to work with committed clients and focus their time and resources on
them. In the volatile market of today home buyers without agents working
directly for them are at a significant disadvantage to home buyers who have

If your serious about buying a home then you want to work with Prestige
Properties & Finance brokers and agents who have a combined billion dollars
of San Diego real estate experience. And will aggressively search and find the
right home for you.

To get started or for more information complete the contact form below and
the appropriate agent will contact you and go over any questions you may
have and discuss how we can best help you achieve your goal(s).
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