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Home Staging
Home Staging For Best Results

    Home staging is about illusions. It's beyond decorating and cleaning. It's about perfecting the art of
creating moods. Staging makes your house look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer, more loving and,
best of all, it makes home buyers want to buy it.  

Professional stagers are highly skilled artists. They can take a blank canvas and paint a sensuous
portrait without ever lifting a paint brush. Stagers possess the skills of a top-level designer and they
create dramatic scenery that appeals to all five senses.

•        Arrange sparse pieces of furniture in an appealing grouping known as a vignette.
•        Showcase a generous usage of soft fabrics such as silk, lambs wool, satin.
•        Drape window coverings with simple lines.
•        Add unique elements to shelving, bookcases and fireplace mantels, which draw attention to
predetermined areas.

What Accessories Does a Stager Use? Stagers bring in a vast array of items to spruce up the house.
Here is a small sampling of items professional stagers often use to dress each room. How they are
utilized is limited only by the creativity and vision of the stager.

•        Mirrors
•        Plants
•        Silk Flowers
•        Floor & Table Lamps,
•        Area and Throw Rugs
•        Afghans
•        Pillows
•        Baskets

Professional Staging Tricks & Tips The idea behind staging is to allow rooms to show themselves. If
your home is vacant, it's soulless. Without staging, it might remain on the market for many months.

•        Apply orange oil to cabinets that appear dry, which will renew their original luster
•        Put out large bowls of fruit such as polished apples, bright oranges, luscious grapes
•        Arrange colorful and fun cookbooks on the counters

Bring the outdoors inside through the use of greenery and plants; in creating clean crisp spaces and
arranging furniture with plenty of room to walk around.  Bathrooms are essential to dress well. Bathrooms
should look open, airy and delightful. A favorite trick is to add baskets filled with spa treatments such as:

•        Towels, tied with ribbons
•        Scented soaps
•        Creamy lotions
•        Moisturizing & Facial jars

The back yard needs staging, too. For patios and decks, Add in plants and potted flowers for color and
make sure lawns are mowed, hedges are trimmed, and sidewalks are clean and any clutter such as
children’s toys and garden equipment neatly put away.

How Much Does it Cost?
Prices vary depending on where you live.

Prestige Properties agents can connect you with a reputable Stager in the area. Fees range from $500
to $5,000 or more, depending on square footage and complexity.