Thinking about selling your San Diego Home or Condominium?

You’ve come to the right place!

Prestige Properties & Finance brokers and agents have bought, sold,
financed, and remodeled
1,500 Homes in San Diego in just the past 10
years alone.

We've worked in almost every zip code in the county and with almost every
type of home ever built in San Diego. Our knowledge and experience in
home sales, finance, and construction gives us
the knowledge and
experience to help You achieve the best results!

If you're selling a home or condominium in San Diego you're likely looking for
a company that can sell your home for top dollar,
or, if your home is worth
less than what you owe...then you’re looking for an experienced Short Sale
agent to help you walk away free and clear.

Prestige Properties & Finance is committed to achieving the results you
require in any situation. We can sell your home for top dollar if that's your
goal, or we can negotiate and process your short sale so that you walk away
free and clear if that's your goal.

Each of these sale types are unique and have different paths...

If you have equity in your home you want the most money possible in your
at the end of the sale after all sales costs. Market experience and
sales strategy are the keys to this goal.

If you don’t have equity in your home and you want to simply walk away free
and clear without paying a penny more out of your pocket, then experienced
Short Sale agents are key for you.
Short Sale Information

To get the best price for your home requires knowledge and experience of
not just one market, but all San Diego Markets.
We understand what to
look for in the comparable sales, how to predict the pace and direction of the
market, and how to get the most money in any situation for our clients home.

We provide home sellers with a
full service residential real estate sales plan
and help you determine the best path for achieving your specific goal. We  
handle all the details in a professional and expeditious manner, diligently
review all comparable sales data, and then aggressively market and sell your

San Diego is not one market, but dozens of cities with 100's of communities
all differing in various ways from one another. Broad San Diego sales,
finance, and construction experience is crucial to getting the best results in
almost any home sale.

Give us the opportunity to earn your business and you'll be very happy that
you did.

Contact us today to achieve your successful home sale anywhere in
San Diego!

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