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Check today's mortgage rates or view the types of loan programs available market wide.
You can also review the
application process and complete a full loan application online
to get an answer within 1-7 days of how much you qualify for, what the total monthly
payments will be, and how much you need to close escrow.

We've closed 100's of millions of dollars worth of San Diego home loans over the past
20 years and can help you on any type of San Diego residential financing. The market
has changed dramatically in the past few years and is significantly smaller today. Most
loans closed today are either FHA, VA, or FNMA 30 year fixed rate loans. Essentially
almost every lender except the government has disappeared and most of whats left are
government insured 30 year fixed rate loans.

This makes it better and worse for the consumer. On one hand you have fewer loan
program options to choose from, and on the other hand have fewer options to be
confused by. Today, most loans fall into 2 categories, loans either qualify good enough
and just need to hunt for the best point and fee cost (service also has some value), or
they barely qualify and have to accept the points and fees by the lender that will accept

Either way, rates are generally low and getting pre-approved is a de facto requirement
in today's housing market. Typically within a few days of completing the online loan
application you'll know exactly where you stand with regards to buying a home.

Don't delay, you're just 5-10 minutes completing an application and then 24-48 hours
from knowing how much home you qualify for. Complete the
loan application today and
be ready to shop tomorrow!
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