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Golden Hill
Golden Hill 92102
Golden Hill 92102
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Golden Hill’s eclectic neighborhood of Victorian, Colonial Revival, Craftsman
and Farm House bungalows and townhouses has a long and colorful history.  
A significant number of structures remain that are over 60 years old on large
lots.  Many of the older homes have been lovingly restored and some have
been renovated into offices for law firms and other businesses. The San
Diego Historical Society has restored the Villa Montezuma and uses if for

Finding a home in zip code 92102 is easy whether you are looking for a
modest Golden Hill’s apartment or condo to the most creative and unique of
Golden Hill homes.  Because of Golden Hill’s historical characteristics and
spectacular views, and its proximity to Balboa Park and downtown
businesses, Golden Hills is a popular and fashionable address to call home.

The Golden Hill Community Development Corporation recently combined
innovation with “whimsy” when they improved the 25th Street Bridge
between Golden Hill and Sherman Heights with a "song rail" that plays a tune
as it is tapped by pedestrians as they walk along a new pathway fence
separating pedestrians and traffic. In keeping with the whimsy and eclectic
lifestyle of Golden Hill is a recently renovated neighborhood treasure, The
Turf Supper Club.  This cozy saloon’s (a landmark since 1950) charms include
a cook-your-own-steak grill and an eclectic jukebox.  Don’t blame the cook if
your meat's done wrong, because you’re the cook!  Every night's an indoor
cookout, as patrons happily gather by the communal fire-pit to tend their
steaks and socialize.  One of the coolest (and reportedly ghost-ridden) coffee
house hangouts in Golden Hill is “Krakatoa”, a once abandoned swamp-green,
clapboard building.  Now, its garden is lush and tropical, and on its wooden
deck laptops unfold, essays get written, and relationships get worked out.

For anyone looking for cozy neighborhoods and local whimsy, check out
Golden Hill, you won’t be disappointed!
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